Never treat anyone in a manner that would make them feel small, INCLUDING YOURSELF

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If you have found us, it is because you are ready to embody your most natural and liberated state of being, and desire a community where you will feel supported in that readiness. 

Genshai is home for those who are here on earth to be led by the heart. 

We invite you to a space of unconditional love and full acceptance. This is our most natural state as human beings and it is time we return to it. 

We are here to support you not as coaches, teachers, or gurus, but as guides and friends. We care about your evolution and transformation into being the best version of yourself that is possible in this lifetime. We know that we are all here to access and express the best we have within us. Genshai is a safe haven and valuable resource for anyone who feels called to return to their truest nature and step into their fullest potential.

Genshai is a way of life. It will not only revolutionize the way you live your own life, it will also transform the way you relate to others and the world around you. As you begin to align with and express your truest nature, your vibration will ripple out and transform everything you see, feel, and experience. 

What are the Genshai Elements?


Fire Element

FIRE igniting the passion within

Water Element

WATER freeing the mind to align with the heart

Earth Element

EARTH grounding in core values

Wind Element

WIND trusting in the flow of life’s abundance 

Spirit Element

Spirit elevates your awareness of the nature and goodness of humanity.  


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