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6 Week Element Training

Join us on this journey as we come back to nature. JUST LAUNCHED. Our Genshai 6 week elements training helps us to have an understanding what connecting to nature means. Connecting to those elements  are the fundamental building blocks that makes you, you.

Mastering Genshai

When you master something you're finished. When you're mastering you are forever working on bettering yourself.

Gifting A Coin

A Genshai coin is a touchstone representing how someone has changed your life. Share your story by gifting a coin.

Become a Genshai Warrior

A genshai Warrior is a peaceful sage warrior. We believe it is better to be a warrior in the field than a farmer in battle.

Getting Started With Genshai

Learn from the Elements: Pick One to Get Started

Help Provide Basic Human Needs


Provide food to someone who is in need. 


Provide Water to someone who doesn't have access to it.


So many people are suffering and don't have the basic access to health. 


Help Educate someone that needs the help.

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