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The Genshai Effect

Genshai Programs


One On One Personal Coaching

Elevate your life with your very own Genshai Guide.  

Pick your program and the elements you wish to implement into your life. 


Group Coaching

Genshai group coaching is a fun way to collaborate while learning with like minded individuals. 

Through our initial assessment one of our Genshai Guides will assign you to a group that best suits your needs. 


Genshai Mastering Class

When you master something, you’re finished. We believe that we are never truly finished. When you are mastering something you are continuously working on it. We text this idea a step further through teaching others. When you teach others you are relearning. This cycle is your infinite loop to becoming the greatest version of yourself. 

Your present moment is to give yourself the belief that you are good, beautiful, loving, kind, generous, and sometimes just fierce in showing up for goodness in our world.  Be real and raw.  Let go of facades.  Ask someone for help.  Drop your pride or ego.  Step into your own excellence.  The royalty in your life, is giving these gifts to yourself. 

This is real authenticity.  These traits are what make you look in the mirror and say, “I can do this or I have this.”  Whatever ‘this’ is.  It is belief…followed by action.

Some days you may feel a mess and be a mess.  No worries.  We, as Genshai Warriors, will overcome.  Never are you alone, yet you must show up as you do, alone.  Bring your confidence, and the courage of your convictions.  Live it up!  See yourself and see other people.  Make your mission to embrace the gift of YOU.