Living Genshai

It becomes – and is – a daily practice. Life is in motion and with it come specific opportunities and challenges. The awareness we cultivate about how we treat ourselves and others heighten our ability to interact positively in the circumstances we face.

We do not walk our path alone and must honor those who influence, mentor and support us.

In striving to Live Genshai, we will need to consistently address the elements faced in the nature of who we are as people and part of a greater humanity.



Earth – grounding  

Your Genshai Earth Warriors bring you stability through practical advice, acceptance and reliability.  They escort you through life’s changes.

Water – flowing  

Your Genshai Water Warriors connect you to the ebb and flow of the experiences in your heart.  They help you relate to others and exemplify compassion.

Fire – ignite  

Your Genshai Fire Warriors challenge you to be passionate about how you show up in the world and serve as a light within it.  They kindle your possibilities.

Wind – freedom  

Your Genshai Wind Warriors liberate your thoughts and ideas and give them flight.  They lift you and breathe into your dreams.

Spirit – grace 

Your Genshai Spirit Warriors elevate your awareness of the nature and goodness of humanity.  They bring out the divine in your soul.

Who are those people in your life whom represent these elements? Present them with a coin and the priceless gift of the story why they do!