Genshai is an ancient word meaning

 “Never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.”

Being known as a a company or organization which has a Genshai Culture means your leaders, teams, staff and even your clients, vendors or subcontractors been given the opportunity and chosen to be part of Genshai. You have decided to make a concerted effort to do well by doing good. This includes the treatment and respect of yourself, and those around you, in the communities in which you work, reside and prosper.

With a Genshai Culture, you have created a positive energy that reflects as people step into their excellence. 

How do you become a Genshai Culture?

You become a Genshai Culture by demonstrating your commitment to people and to yourself. 

Step 1: To start the process, honor yourself and honor those with whom you invest your time by sharing the Genshai Coin and The Genshai Effect book.

  • Step 1: Begin an internal Genshai Culture awareness campaign.  Create awareness of the shift in operations and actions.  Award employees the Genshai coin and a copy of The Genshai Effect book) to say thank you and acknowlege them for who they are.  Introduce the training to coincide.

Initiate a culture shift to deepen positivity and loyalty. (See below for sample letter to be sent out and view your Genshai Culture video at this link (provide it). 

  • Step 2: Introduce Genshai in your orientation/on-boarding programs, with those transitioning to the responsibilities of management, with the philanthropic organizations you serve, and with your family and our youth. 
  • Make participation in your on-boarding training mandatory.  Include viewing the video (outlined below), and offer the Genshai 3-hour workshop. 
  • Cycle through the various teams, employees and management to combine and learn together.
  • Consider offering the Genshai Workshop for your clients as a value-add and as a thank you for their business. Nurture the people and you nurture the relationship.
  • To go deeper, a 6-part coaching program is available. We will work with you to determine how it fits in with your competency model and the culture of giving, living and mastering Genshai.

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