GENSHAI Presents
ONE Million Stories of Gratitude

We invite you to share with us and the greater Genshai community, your story of gratitude.

We will collect over a million…and shift the nature of how we view and live in our world.

Here’s What To Do

Your story or stories are yours to desribe and define.  Your gratitude can show up in a way that indicates what you appreciate within yourself, and most certainly, what you have gratitude for in those who have been in your life in ways that you simply wish to acknowledge.

Think about those that have grounded you with practical advice and escorted you through life’s changes.

Think about those who help you relate and overcome to life’s happenings.

Think about those that challenge you and ignite your potential and passion.

Think about those that liberate your thoughts and ideas.

Think about those that elevate your awareness about the world in which we live.

And, don’t overlook thinking about yourself.  As, you are the Gift culminating from the many facets of experience, wisdom and knowledge.

As we share 1 Million Stories of Gratitude and create The Genshai Effect we curate a result that is beyond what any of us can do or be alone, yet it does begin with your moments to show your gratitude – so, tell that story.

Post your story of gratitude on social media and tag #onemillionstoriesofgratitude

Be a part of Genshai,