ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) – In part two of our conversation on acute back pain, Dr. Mathew Devine explained what you can do to address the pain, and how you can try to avoid it altogether.

Dr. Devine is the Medical Director for Accountable Health Partners and the Associate Medical Director at Highland Family Medicine. When dealing with acute back pain, he referenced a guide entitled, “Self-Care for Back Pain.”

The first recommendation is stay active. “I think the major thing is, when we have an injury, for the most part we think let’s shut it down,” Dr. Devine said. “In this case that’s turning out to be more and more of a problem. And so, being active really can help those joints of the spine to kind of help in that recovery process a little faster.”

The next recommendations are don’t stay in bed and get back into your routine. “So I think getting back into your routine just makes sense,” he said. “You want to just keep doing the things that you were doing. You might take a little break from, say, whatever caused that injury but doing the other things are very important.”

The next recommendation addresses pain relief options. “Pain relief is one of those where, again, some opiates, narcotics are probably not the best,” noted Dr. Devine. “Even some anti-inflammatories notoriously aren’t leading that, but there are things like heat, ice, topical creams – like Icy Hot. Things like that can really be helpful for that pain.”

The next recomendations are don’t wait – keep your normal schedule, including work – take care to maintain good posture and don’t lift too much at once, and be mindful and keep a positive attitude. “Having a positive attitude, I can’t stress that enough,” said Dr. Devine. “That is so critically important, of kind of knowing that we’re going to get through this. It’s going to take some time.”

The last recommendation centered on prevention, and what you can do to avoid suffering from back pain. Dr. Devine said, “Some stretching, strengthening of the low back, your core and other muscles around that really can help by being active so that these don’t happen at all to begin with.”





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