In honor of the students and families we serve by staff at Communities in Schools of Rowan County, $140

In memory of Rose and Eddie Post, $75

In honor of our mom and dad, Brandon and Brad Vinson, by Neely, Taylor and Asher, $25

In memory of Lorraine Williams, Bernard Williams, Clifford Bost and Hazel Bost and in honor of my mom, Sheila Williams, by Brandon Vinson, $50

In memory of my departed co-workers at the Rowan County Assessors Office: Wallace Peeler, Jerry Rowland, Bill Snipes, John Smith, Binkie Williams, Virginia Kluttz, Mae Frances Johnson, Margaret Young, Vivian Mull, Madolyn Yates, Chubby, Jordan, and Mildred Monroe, by J.W., $25

In memory of our uncle and friend, firefighter Justin Monroe, and Paw-Paw Eddie Monroe by Rob and Caroline Monroe and Corbin and Abby Smith, $40

To all my special friends and Oliver by Jayne, $100

Canterbury Book Club, $100

Merry Christmas! by Friday Bridge Club, $250

In honor of Sunday school teachers by Golden Age Sunday School Class of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, $100

Anonymous, $25

In memory of Lady, Juanita and Grayson by Nan Zimmerman, $25

Western Star PHA Mason Lodge, $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Bowers, $20

In loving memory of husband, Mike, and my best friend, Norman Ludwig, and in honor of family, friends and Wednesday morning R.R. Retirees Breakfast Group; thank you, Norma, $100

In honor of our 11 grandchildren by Norbert and Carolyn Gedemer, $100

In memory of Sylvester, Buff, Smoker Joe, Doozel, TC, Checkers, Gracie, Izzie, Skippy and Sparky by Tara and Sharon, $20

In memory of Violet and Mason Lowrance by Tara Lowrance and Sharon Minderlein, $25

In memory of all past members by Crown in Glory Lutheran Church, $100

In honor of Arnold and Brenda Herring by Preston Herring, $25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Yost, Evelyn and Dupree Stone, Jack and Peggy Yost, Buddy and Mildred Yost, Frances and Tom Wilson, Edith and John Mesimore, Sue Frick, Anne and Gene Wilson, Ronnie Yates Sr., and Jerry Parker by the Yost family, $175

In memory of my mother, Helen Melton, and my son, Tim Harris, by Shirley Harris, $25

Paul, Lynn and Daisy, $100

In honor of our friends and neighbors in Milford Hills by Chuck and Liz Friedrick, $250

Today’s total: $1,995

Running total: $38,422.31

Contact reporter Shavonne Walker at 704-797-4253.


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