What is your flow?

Water (Flowing) –  How do you flow in the current times we live in? How do you navigate your life and everything in your life?

There is a saying that we often swim upstream.  That is effort and also experience.  It can be difficult and then you realize what you are intended to learn. Whether life seems like a waterfall with pressure, beauty and even a jump off a ledge – or if it is a reflection in a serene lake – heed the signs.  Pay attention to all that reflects. 

As we know in work and life, people behave differently and act as such.  Yet, to take a moment to ask about and realize a person’s backstory is what allows us to not judge, but gives us the presence to let the current of being in the world happen with understanding and love. 

The waves of life are continuous.  The tide rises two times a day.  You get to renew.  That is a gift, just as you are.  When you float with tranquility, you are led in the right direction. 

Water Coaching Program

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