Tony Robbins is an absolute powerhouse. From running multi-million dollar businesses to making cameos in movies (Shallow Hal ’01) he’s done it all and done it successfully. He gives some simple but powerful advice here in this video about the formula for happiness. And its really not what you think! The key is having your reality (your life) at least resemble somewhat how you pictured it going. If those two things match then you get satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with your financial situation and you can’t afford any sort of investment to start making money on the side I have a great way to do it. Please visit work.workwithcreason.com to learn more about the oppurtunity to provide multiple streams of free income.


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  1. Beautiful
    Beautiful says:

    This guy is a genius. A very powerful talk. I encourage everyone to write down your goals, why you wanna achieve them, what deeper need are you trying to fulfill, and what kind of a person you'd have to be to achieve them. What specific, measurable habits would you need to form. Good luck!

  2. Does not Matter
    Does not Matter says:

    i hate my job.
    I have a lousy relationship with myself.
    I hate my body.
    I have no money.
    I hate where I live.
    i have no area in my life that i currently 'excel' at.
    i have no area of my life that i am happy with so this video is meaningless and not helpful to me.

  3. Carl D
    Carl D says:

    I wonder if he would be happy if what he did only made him $70k a year? Or would he be happy if what he did for a living made him nothing except the satisfaction of helping others? Take away the money and you're left with the real picture. Unfortunately we're in a world run by the love of money and people won't see you as a success unless you have a lot of it. We're not supposed to rely on ourselves for true happiness and joy in life. We can only find the truth in Jesus –because he is the way, the truth and the life. Other than that Tony does have some good techniques for motivation and planning.

  4. Crapsoup
    Crapsoup says:

    So what if you think life is pain, people suck, and nothing you ever do will be of any influence in the grand scheme of things. All this talk is well and good, but it seems so empty to me. What if your life sucks and there is nothing to be happy about? He talks about being closer to family, friends and god, he talks about enjoying your job, or being happy with your health. But what if you don't have those things. How do you build a foundation of positive thinking if you don't have positive things in your life to reinforce it.Trying to change your blueprint on what life should be seems more like settling to me. I don't see how you can do that on your own without some sort of external substitute. Maybe I'm just a negative person, but every time i watch one of these type of videos I always leave more frustrated than I was before. For one, I can't identify with the problems of a successful actress or basketball player. Those people DO have things that are good in life, even if they fixate on one negative aspect in their lives. But what about people who really do have bad lives? How do you change your thinking if you see your life getting worse, or you don't see any way out of your problems. How do you stay positive when you are all alone and no one cares about you? How do you stay focused on your goals and dreams when life starts to feel meaningless? It all makes me feel like I asked "How do I prevent choking to death?" and the answer I get is "Just breath."

  5. Blackwomantruth
    Blackwomantruth says:

    Now that I know he voted for Trump and all that he stands for I will never look at tony robbins the same way again. Yes I intentionally refused to capitalize his name based on the truly negative things he attached himself to. He is a disgrace and shame to the self help industry and humanity overall.

  6. Regina Librizzi
    Regina Librizzi says:

    hello i read the text under the video and there was a website mentioned to try to make money with out start up capital…workwithreason.com….I looked it up and was unable to find it. Is there something else I need to do? please-thank you.

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