With the New Year just hours away, resolutions are likely bouncing around in your head — things you “should” do more often, things you want to do more (or less) of.

There’s no denying that increasing physical fitness and activity has a place on most people’s resolution lists, and oftentimes running is a part of that. Whether you’re looking to start running or to improve your current running pace or stamina, safety is a key aspect of clocking miles.

If you’re new to running or need a little refresher on the best safety guidelines, one of Philly’s own running groups, City Fit Girls, has outlined seven safety tips for running alone — especially for women.

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But if you venture out for a run — especially during winter in the dark — you might want to go the extra mile on personal security by bringing along some sort of self-defense. Below, you’ll find four self-defense products made for runners to have at the ready, without any need of digging through a bag while your safety is at risk.

GoGuarded Ring

This $14 ring doubles as a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge weapon that can worn on any finger. Unlike pepper spray or other self-defense weapons, the GoGuarded ring doesn’t need to be grabbed from inside a pocket or fanny pack — the ring is already on your finger to be utilized when, and if, need be. The ring comes in a variety of sizes to fit all hands (even over gloves!) and colors, such as pink, black, blue and gray. 


This self-defense tool slips easily into the laces of your shoe to be used to kick an attacker in the shins. Lightweight and made of high-impact plastic, this is a subtle defense tool that you can ultimately forget about carrying until you need it. Kuba-Kickz also come in a variety of colors that allow them to blend in with most sneaker colors. Depending on the color you choose, they range from $15 to $10 – for one. 

Sabre Pepper Spray

Unlike most keychain-style pepper sprays, Sabre developed this self-defense item to feature an adjustable hand strap for comfortable, yet at-the-ready carrying. Sabre delivers a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blow-back and permits distance from your threat with its 12-foot range and offers 35 bursts to protect against multiple threats while also featuring a locking top mechanism that prevents accidental discharge. Pricing begins at $9.65. 

Vigilant Personal Alarm Keychain

Not only does this keychain keep your keys organized, it also has a clip that can attach to any bag or fanny pack for readily available use. The high pitched (and very loud) alarm is intended to scare off an assailant while switching the element of surprise from the attacker to the victim. Since criminals don’t like to draw attention, the goal is that they will run away when the alarm sounds. The alarm will run you $15.99 and batteries are included.  


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