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Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall is a highly sought after business consultant, speaker, coach

and author on the subjects of sales, goal achievement, and living a life of

purpose and intention. His International bestselling book Aspire:

Discovering Your Purpose through the Power of Words is the highest

reader-rated personal development book in the history of Amazon and

Barnes & Noble. The 7 Affirmations is Kevin’s most recent written work,

and is poised to impact millions of lives all over the world.

Kevin is regarded as a thought leader on the subject of living a life of

purpose and is the co-founder of The Purpose Project.


He is credited with wordsmithing, and trademarking, the original slogan

for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games—“Ignite the Fire Within.”

He has been and continues to be a life coach for top international sales

performers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and Olympic and World

Champion athletes.

Kevin has been featured in Speaker Magazine, and Worth Magazine,

Forbes Magazine, and Success Magazine.


Kevin and his wife Sherry are the proud parents of six children, and eight

precious grandchildren—and counting. He is passionate about cycling,

creating personal development concepts focused on purpose and path,

learning and growing, and spending time with his remarkable family.

Garreth Dickson

About Garreth Dickson

Garreth, has been in the online marketing arena since 2008.  Throughout his career he has owned and operated multiple agencies where he is responsible for over $100 million of online sales. He has also worked with a handful of non profits and for profit non profits where he was able to raise funds through charitable campaigns. 

Garreth serves on the advisory team on Utah Pay It Forward (In partnership with The Forever Young Foundation) and developed the brand and marketing.

Garreth’s expertise is diverse. His expertise excels in business development, search engine optimization, social media, web design, web development, branding, advertising, coaching and non profit,.

Garreth is extremely passionate about charitable organizations that are working to make a difference. He has worked and consulted with some big name organizations to help further their initiatives. Garreth has built large marketing strategies for many charitable organizations highlighting TOMS Shoes. Garreth’s strategies created a team of over 30,000 bloggers and generated over $100 million in online sales.  

He has also spent many years in the Autism community as both a brand owner (Autism United) but an advocate as well.  His efforts have helped him create a large community of advocates, families, providers, and resources to help them connect with one another. 

Garreth has built numerous organizations in several companies where his teams have generated millions of dollars in sales. His values and beliefs are fundamental when building teams. He believes that you must build a culture that uplifts and inspires others to never treat themselves small. 

As a Genshai Warrior founder, Garreth is driven to create the largest community to date. His vision is to have a community of warriors for good with a mission of helping others around the world meet their basic human needs.  

Garreth loves Family, Charity, Outdoors and Travel. He has always been artistic from a young age and has a unique eye for seeing the vision early on. 

Genshai Passions

Non Profit
Genshai Warriors
Never Treating Anyone Small, Including Himself

Genshai Vision

Garreth hopes to make Genshai one of the most impactful movements of his time. 

The simple idea of what Genshai means needs to be shared and implemented worldwide. 

In today’s world no one should ever be treat small and everyone should have access to basic human needs. 

My hope is that you never treat anyone in a manner that would make them feel small, including yourself.  

Genshai has changed my life forever. That simple statement has been one of the most impactful things i’ve ever implemented into my life. I know what it will do for you and I am excited for that impact to happen in your life. 

Lance Schiffman

Lance Schiffman

 He started his first business before the age of ten and when he turned seventeen, he moved into an apartment.  Within one year, he was able to secure a loan to purchase the entire apartment complex.   Within two years, he took the profits from this venture and purchased a gas station that he branded “Schifty’s.”  He was able to grow this from just over $300,000 in annual revenues to in excess of $1.8 million when he sold it.  He has prospered via commercial and residential real estate for over twenty five years.  

With keen interest in participating in others’ success, he invests financial and intellectual capital in ventures that simply interest him and which have forward thinking and resilient leadership.  He has invested in numerous ventures over the years, but one of his most highly recognizable is Health and Wellness industry.  He was one of the original funders in this now $3 billion company which now serves 42 countries with a global network of over 2 million customers. 

It may seem that everything he touches turns to success.  However, Lance has a different view.  He knows that activating a person’s internal grid allows one to accelerate and achieve what was viewed as impossible.  Through his adventures, he personally challenges himself and those around him to achieve the ultimate and reach beyond the perceived impossible. Living this philosophy has lead Lance to his latest venture, a visionary online community to create efficiencies for non-profits globally.  Look at the meaning of Genshai and you will understand Lance and the mission of this organization.  (Genshai – never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.)  , and newest books, “The Sense in Wonder,”  and “Genshai Effect” which will be released 2018.Lance utilized his varied business and life experiences and identified the elements of wonder, activation points on your personal grid and uses this as a platform to educate others on how to play full out and create a more engaged world.  The sense in wonder is that it creates the awareness for each of us to sift through to what is real, and see, then know, what we can do or be for ourselves, our families and communities.  We shift.  We activate the grid within to instigate happiness, positive change, connection and innovation.  What we cultivate has a ripple effect to economies, relationships, innovation, productivity, contribution, personal significance, and frankly, the intelligence of peace and a new horizon for how we live together in the world. 

He has also been engaged in The Utah Center for Crime Prevention and Go Mentor, a program for aged-out foster care youth.  He has also chaired McGruff International in efforts toward the wellness and safety of children. in support of the love his three daughters have for dance, he helped build an award winning performing arts studio and serves as the chair of a major professional dance company.

Having passion for living on the edge, Lance climbed Mount Kilimanjaro / Mount Elbrus , Loves endurance sports such as Triathlons (Ironman), DOXA and Cycling. On his bucket list is a trip to outer space.  On the flip side, you will find him meditating on a mountainside or giving thanks for all that life is and will be.  Lance resides in Utah where you will find him hanging out with his girls, journaling, reading a great book or rocking out to one of his favorite bands.  If out and about, he’s climbing the 7 Peaks, cycling across the U.S. or driving a golf ball.