Looking for a little boost of happiness? Try deactivating your facebook.

Turns out, leaving facebook might be good for your emotional well-being at least according to a new study from researchers at NYU and Stanford.

But there’s a catch.

While you may be happier, spend less time on other social media sites and have more free time you might end up less informed.

The study also shows some positives of staying on Facebook.

Using it as a source of entertainment, a way to be active in communities, and a place to socialize.

The majority of folks who took part in the study chose to reactivate their accounts when the study was over even though they used it less after logging back on.

The study came out at the same time Facebook announced a record $6.9-billion profit and more users in both North America and Europe.

That’s despite a number of privacy issues and scandals involving users’ data. 


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