Spirit (Grace)Elevates our awareness of the nature and goodness of humanity.  They bring out the divine in our souls. 

Sit for a minute.  Breathe for a few minutes.  If in doubt, look up. Grace finds you.  You do not fall from grace.  She is there and will always be.  Of course there are obstacles in life, family and work, and you have the ability to navigate all.  It is a choice.  Decisions.  Forgiveness.  Love.

It is a strength to seek guidance.  It is a validation to say “I don’t know what to do.  Will you help?”  It is a pleasure when you learn from being vulnerable because then you are that gift to others. 

Spirit is splendid from above, and when worn on your sleeve as the authenticity of who you are.  Smile into your spirit and your grace.  People you have known for years or people you meet in a grocery line, that spirit is noticed.  Step on happy.  You impacted a life because you are who you are.

Spirit Represents: Grace, consciousness, guidance, manifestation, support, and strength.

Being connected to Spirit elevates your awareness of nature and brings out the divine in your soul. 

With divinity in our soul, do you feel that you are aligned with your spirit of creation? Being that spirit is (all encompassing) beyond our physical realm, how have you tapped into your infinite power? If so, how? 


Spirit Coaching Program

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