He’s moving on! John Cena posted inspirational message before season four premiere of ‘Total Bellas’ on Jan. 13.

Ahead of the season four premiere of Total Bellas on E!, starring his ex-fiancée Nikki Bella, 35, wrestler John Cena, 41, shared a motivation message about happiness on his Twitter account. He could very well be referencing his ex who he was with since 2012! The couple was on-and-off throughout 2018, and Nikki moving forward dating other men will be a focal point for the upcoming season.

In previews for the show, it looks like Nikki processing her previous relationship with John will certainly be a central storyline as she starts to move on and try dating new people. If you thought John would be upset over the new season airing and Nikki finding happiness elsewhere, well, it seems like that’s just not the case.

“Being upset by the happiness of others seems like wasted time,” John tweeted. “We should all strive to be happy, and if someone else’s happiness is hurtful to you, look within, ask why, and hopefully you’ll not only find answers, but maybe find happiness yourself.”

What a strong message and a mature way to handle his ex being in the spotlight, as well. While Nikki was seen getting cozy with former Bachelorette contestant Peter Kraus, 33, on Total Bellas, she is now dating her Dancing With The Stars dance partner Artem Chigvintsev, 36. The two competed for the Mirror Ball in season 25, and reached seventh place together.

It can definitely be hard to see your ex move on, especially if it’s so publicly! So, we hope that John is genuinely feeling okay about the whole world watching Nikki’s new dating life with other men play out on television. John and Nikki were together for so long, but we’re sure that it’ll just get easier in time.

Until then, we’re happy to see John handle the situation with grace. We don’t know if we’d be able to take the high road seeing an ex date other people on television! For now, we’re excited to tune into the new season of Total Bellas to see Nikki’s new dating life develop.


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