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  1. Thumbs Up !
    Thumbs Up ! says:

    Terrible bit, the guy is needy and has no life, he wants the girl to make him happy when happiness comes from inside not outside. He is needy as fk and a needy person in a relationship is the worst thing, disguising all of this in a romantic tune that makes it sounds nice like a fake Hollywood romantic movie just fools you around makes you a slave of this consumerism world and creates an illusion bubble of how things should be and creates fake references, in other words, this is a glass of poison disguised as orange juice just to sell. People don't fall for this shit look for music with good bit that's what music is about and if you are more into lyrics something more real. P:D Sunflower is the best song this group has with a very nice energetic bit that feels you with a positive acctitude, personally i dont give a shit about lyrics but this song is all about that. Stop daydreaming shit and pop that bubble live real life.

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