There’s a reason why Honey Minx’ Creative Director, designer and mom of two Nicole Richie is always full of good cheer during the most wonderful (and hectic) time of the year. 

Yes, in the video above, we see Richie clad in a scarlet suit as Santy Claus, much to the delight (or chagrin!) of Santa’s little fans though some of them have their doubts

Nicole Richie poses as ‘Santy Claus’ in Episode 6 of Style NowWith.

Oh, but ho ho ho, children, because Richie has a sweet-smelling surprise or two in store for you. You say you want a cat or an iPhone? How about this divine essential oil crystal pulse point roller in rose quartz instead, to keep you feeling merry and bright? “We just put a little behind the ears. It’ll calm your nerves, just like that,” she tells one little boy in the video.

Shop it: Essential Oil Crystal Pulse Point Roller in Rose and Rose Quartz, $42, WorkingSundays.com

The essential oil roller is part of Richie’s new lifestyle line, Honey Minx, which epitomizes the California chic brand of accessible luxury and self-care. 

The rose quartz oil has top notes of rose, to help you feel beautiful and full of love, and heart notes of clove to comfort your mind and body. Plus, there’s cedarwood for a sense of balance and grounding. You can also scoop up Honey Minx oils with notes of Jasmine and Lapis Lazuli; Lavender and Amethyst; and Eucalyptus and Aventurine.

“I travel for work, and it’s really important for me to be able to carry around little moments of myself. Essential oils are a key for me, especially Lavender, which I put on the bottom of my feet. Lavender is a relaxation oil. I use it on my temples,” she says.

Shop it: Essential Oil Crystal Pulse Point Roller in Lavender and Amethyst, $42, WorkingSundays.com

Richie believes that treating ourselves is a must. And that sentiment inspired these luxe essential oils, which also make perfect holiday gifts for your nearest and dearest. Because truly, who doesn’t appreciate gorgeous scents that simply boost your mood? 

“I think it’s really nice, as someone who loves to receive gifts as well, when people get things for you that you maybe wouldn’t get for yourself. We, especially women, mothers, think of everybody else, but we’re always the last person on our own list,” says Richie.  

Hear that, Santy? It’s at the top of our list, too. 

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Nicole Richie gives a demo, below, of our Style NowWith video series, which lets you shop for her Honey Minx line as you watch. See all of Richie’s videos, her

About Honey Minx

Inspired by her love of California, Nicole Richie’s new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, integrates Nicole’s passion for living her true self and expressing creativity through fashion and beauty. This collection highlights her love of eclectic pieces, soothing textures and celebrates the energy that we are given by the sun.

Nicole Richie wears a headband, necklace and pajamas from her new line, Honey Minx, launching exclusively on NowWith on Yahoo Lifestyle. (Photo: Courtesy of Honey Minx)

Never known to shy away from something a little wild, Nicole has artfully blended her unique expression of beauty, healthy living and L.A.’s laid-back artistic fashion with the ultimate in cozy luxury and style.


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