What Strangely inspirational humorous rapper 
Where UK 
Why The long month of January can be a good time to immerse yourself in new music after December’s period of intense end of year recaps. The artist needs to be a contrast to the dreariness of the season and who better than an artist who says “I take the music seriously, I just don’t take myself seriously”.

Enter Timmy Gonzalez who goes by the ridiculous name of Jimothy Lacoste to brighten up your life. Born in 1999, the London rapper has a sense of fun in his music-making verging on the comedic.

Yet the targets of Jimothy’s music so far have been pleasingly sensible. There are songs about wearing nice clothes (“tucked in shirt, nice jeans, cords / clothes is there, you might as well take advantage of it”), an anti-drug song (“Baby take it easy stop getting high / Yes I know things get boring / But here’s an idea I’ll grab a pen and start drawing”), London travel woes (“businessman, you’re standing too close to the yellow line”), a song about how busy his life is (it wasn’t when he wrote it but it is now) and impressing a woman by speaking Spanish.


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