LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. (WFLA/CNN) – In the midst of a tense election season, one neighborhood in Missouri is coming together to spread positivity. 

Instead of political campaign signs, people in Lee’s Summit are putting signs of love and happiness on display in their yards.

Jennifer Hunsinger came up with “Project Happiness” a few years ago and started pitching her idea to neighbors.

“Well, there’s just too much negativity in the world right now,” she told KMBC. “I just want to put something in your yard that will make you smile and will make the people that pass by smile.”

Hunsinger and her daughter said they ended up with more requests than messages. 

“We had to look them up,” Charlotte Hunsinger said. “We just looked up good quotes.”

Another neighbor, Renae Riche, decided this year the grassroots movement needed to expand. 

“Almost immediately a lady came to my door and gave me $20,” Riche said. 

The group has now gone from just 50 signs to 100.

“I just hope that they’re – they feel inspired,” Charlotte said.

The neighbors say the signs in their yards don’t have to be red or blue to send a message.

“Just a reminder that the world doesn’t have to be negative.”

The “Project Happiness” organizers hope to expand even more and would like to see other neighbors join the movement.


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