Meghan Markle has been weathering a slew of negative press since becoming a member of the British royal family, leading fans of the actress to recall some advice she previously gave in an interview.

As reported by PEOPLE, the Duchess of Sussex once shared her advice to finding happiness, as it relates to office politics, while in an interview for her role on the USA Network drama, Suits.

“In life, in the office, in any of that, stay out of the drama,” she told InStyle in a 2015 interview as reported by the publication. “You’ll be endlessly happier for it. If you want to do that, save that for drinks after work with your girlfriends. But I would say don’t get involved in the inner-office politics.”

Three years before she would marry Prince Harry, the then-star of the legal drama also talked about juggling her career in acting, work and personal life on her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which has since been taken down.

“Find balance within your life,” she once advised. “That is one of the most important things. So that means that your lunch break, you leave and go and get some fresh air. You don’t make your life your job. All of those things are so important — that you have a really full, flourishing life. I have to find that balance for myself as well between The Tig, my time on set or my time at home, I have to make the time to throw in a yoga class or walk my dogs or literally just turn it all off and meditate for a minute. I think you have to make time for yourself so that work doesn’t become the end-all be-all.”

With parts that were not released at the time, parts of the InStyle interview have come to light as Markle faces negative stories about her attitude in the press, as well as continuous family drama with her father, Thomas Markle, half-sister Samantha Markle and brother Thomas Markle Jr, who was recently arrested.

During the interview, the Duchess — who recently announced the new patronages she will be supporting in her work as a royal, including many focused on women and girl’s empowerment — talked about her definition of “girl boss.”

“As I’ve gotten older, too, I think you become more comfortable in your skin and comfortable both in saying ‘no’ to things, which is a huge girl boss moment I think for any of us,” she said. “And Rachel is an example of that on television. I think me personally in growing The Tig as a brand and taking on projects — saying ‘no’ is just as valuable as saying ‘yes.’

“And then also being able to delegate things,” she added. “I often joke on set — it takes a village to raise an actress. But I think with anything you can’t do it by yourself. So building a strong team around you and being able to really communicate well with them is part of what’s going to have that level of success for you. So I feel really grateful that all of those things are coming to fruition, but I think above all of it is something that comes with age, of really having a sense of your self-worth and then you make choices based on that.”


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