Dear Editor,

We are pleased with the great coverage that we, received in The Moultrie Observer telling the story about Crossroads Gospel Mission. Many of you have watched the renovation of our building, and we are so grateful for all the community support we have received. However, we want people to know that our facility is not the only thing being renovated and restored. Take a look at some of the first-hand accounts of our residents:


I am a resident here at the Crossroads Gospel Mission where their mission really is to spread the Gospel. I can’t say what I expected coming here but whatever expectations I had have been surpassed. Crossroads possesses a quiet, calm, peaceful nature that speaks of God and his hand is on this place! I myself came here with nothing and I am so blessed …. ! wonder if I am dreaming. I will now witness to anyone that God is real! The people here are also real and endeavor deeply to help the people they encounter to do what God calls us to do and that’s “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I can never repay Crossroads for the change they initiated in my life.


What Crossroads means to me … well it’s a clean and safe place to live and do what I have to do for Drug Court and my Probation. Crossroads kept me from going back in the streets and away from the dope game. I came here from jail and rehab with nothing. Now I have job, I bought a truck and I have a Band of Brothers around me living a sober and productive life.

Here I have many accountability partners. Without Crossroads, I wouldn’t have had a chance of being successful. I would probably have gotten high and been on the run again or in Jail.


About ten weeks ago I gratefully entered Crossroad Missions Transitional Housing Program. After my release from Turning Point, I lived in a shared apartment. But I felt I needed a more structured environment. At 66 years old, maintaining sobriety is absolutely critical!

Crossroads, for me, is a “God-Send.” The structure and accountability are ideal. With a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol, I have a sense of responsibility towards self, the other men and the Mission as a whole. What I do affects not just me but these other men as well. It’s a built-in encouragement for me to stay clean and sober!

We are expected to use this time and opportunity to move forward. We all attend church services. We generally attend two Bible studies weekly. We participate in activities like Promise Keepers, Over-comers, Celebrate Recovery and other recovery or self- help programs. We are asked to be employed. If we enter unemployed, they will find us a job.

Community involvement is also important too. We have chores here and we seek to be an asset to others in need.

I am continuing to trust God. Being here at the Mission allows me to do things in order and without confusion. Because there are many men and women on the Board of Directors who are willing to help us individually, I have found a tremendous resource of good advice and counsel. Every day here helps me prepare to live life away from here in an upright and productive manner. I desire to do all things with wisdom and integrity.

From the bottom of my heart I thank the men and women who, in all the ways necessary, make this Gospel Mission possible. Thank you for allowing me, and others, this remarkable blessing. It truly makes a difference in our lives!

— — —

We are so grateful for everything happening at Crossroads! We believe there is so much potential to transform the lives of the men in our community. We also believe there are more people in our community who would like to partner with a ministry like ours — a ministry that just doesn’t provide three meals and a bed, but a ministry that changes lives. We would love for you to pray about joining our team.

Randy Benner, President

Crossroads Gospel Mission




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