Lana Del Rey Teases New Album With Clip of New Song “Happiness is a Butterfly”
Photo Credit: Sharon Alagna

Lana Del Rey has been busy this new year coming out with teasers, clips and other assorted music for her upcoming sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell, which is yet to have a full track list or solid release date. Nonetheless, the artist has released a teaser for the song “Happiness is a Butterfly,” which will be included on Norman Fucking Rockwell.

“If he’s a serial killer, what’s the worse that can happen to a girl that’s already hurt?” the new track asks, over an acoustic instrumental shown during the preview. The short clip features Del Rey’s touring bandmates and dancers Ashley Rodriguez and Alexandria Kaye.

Norman Fucking Rockwell is finished according to a statement made by the artist at the beginning of this month. A single entitled:” “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have—but i have it,” was released a week later, keeping true to the singer’s promise on social media.

“Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you enjoy the new song I’m putting out on the ninth it’s called ‘hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have- but i have it,’” the singer stated on social media. This was the first new track released this year off the upcoming album project.

Two other singles “Mariners Apartment Complex,” and the ten-minute epic “Venice Bitch,” were released last year in anticipation for the album. The satirical take on Venice Beach, California, a home to many who are wealthy in addition to those who are considered “outsiders,” to many in a traditional sense, is guitar heavy and grand in a way that is different from most pop singles.

“I played it for my managers and I was like, ‘yeah, I think this is the single I want to put out.’ And they were like, ‘it’s 10 minutes long,” Del Rey explained regarding the track in an interview with Zane Lowe on BBC Beats 1 Radio. “Are you kidding me?’ It’s called ‘Venice Bitch.’ Like why do you do this to us? Can you make a three-minute normal pop song? I was like, ‘well, end of summer, some people just wanna drive around for 10 minutes, get lost in some electric guitar.’”

Earlier this year the singer announced that she would also be cancelling select liver appearances that are currently scheduled. While the singer is booked for  the Buku Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana and Lollapalooza Stockholm, it is unknown if these dates will be the ones affected.

Additionally the singer also plans to release a poetry book this year, which is set to be out before the release of Norman Fucking Rockwell. Regarding the poetry book, Del Rey states that she will likely self-publish it on her own.

“I think I’m just going to self-publish it and put it out beforehand,” she said. “It’s kind of random. Which is kind of another one of those things I just want out there just for me.”

Photo Credit: Sharon Alagna


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