Stop the presses!  You mean, I can just ‘be’ today?  I don’t have to do and achieve and thump my chest about the next accomplishment?  So many of us are the perpetual human do’ers, huh?  I am raising my hand – yep, that’s me too.  So, do what I have just done if it helps — Write yourself a permission slip today.


“I (add your name) am dismissed on (today’s date) from “doing” and grant myself permission to just “be”.


As a matter of fact, go ahead and plan your “being” days.  If you cannot take a day, plan an hour.  Pull out your Blackberry, iPhone or hard copy calendar (okay…this is me too, I admit it), and literally schedule your ‘being’ time.   You do not have to plan a thing for that time – except perhaps to get away from office and house.  Find a tranquil spot – or a noisy one – just one that feels right for you and invest a little time with you.  It’s SO okay, to ‘be’.


Give yourself the gift of being.  You may be delighted with what could appear – or disappear.

I have personally discovered that I return to the ‘doing’ of life with better perspective and more of a sense of peace.  I think this helps me wrap my head and heart around what may be in front of me – or even behind.  I regenerate my energy and have clarity of thought, and I imagine I’m even a little easier to get along with when I take my time to ‘be’.


Will you share with me what you discover?