come from a family that didn’t move around very much. My parents lived over sixty years in the same house they built after they were married just before the Depression hit. I grew up there, then came to Chino soon after where I lived 60 years until moving to a senior complex in south Ontario. However, my new home’s site was once part of Rancho Santa Ana del Chino, so I really didn’t go far. And that’s where my office still is. 

I put Kerry Cisneroz’s Chino Memories—Yesterday & Today in the top spot this week because it contains a summary of beautiful recollections by people who grew up here, some who have moved away and some still here. He has done a magnificent job on Facebook with this title.

Kerry’s really the new keeper of the community’s history because of his work to preserve it, along with that of the Old Schoolhouse Museum. As a result, much of the historical material and photos collected by me during my long tenure as Champion publisher have been turned over to both of them for safe keeping.

Kerry often works to 2 a.m. on his latest Facebook offerings and has developed quite a following, often bringing old friends together and stirring recollections of others. His column above generalizes the many replies he got to his invitation to his followers to tell why they loved Chino (which includes those who knew it before the city of Chino Hills was founded). 

At a local restaurant this week a pleasant motherly looking server came up to me and said, “I used to write for the Champion.” I didn’t remember her because over the years an awful lot of people have written for us, including students when writing for the local paper looked good on a resume. She told me she wrote the Don Lugo High news column as a student. That was 35 years go. But what a nice remembrance.

Made me think of the time a few years ago that second district County Supervisor Janice Rutherford was introduced to me at an area YMCA benefit event and informed me that she had written for us as a high school student, another nice surprise for me. I had to do a little digging because I didn’t have her maiden name, but I found it. We used to publish the South Ontario News which had an Ontario High column. She was a pretty aggressive young writer, a trait that has stayed with her on the board of supervisors. 

When I was at a memorial event a couple of weeks ago a big guy wrapped his arms around me from behind. It turned out to be Bob Muriset, a multi-lettered athlete at Chino High in the mid-sixties who now lives near San Luis Obispo. He said he just wanted to thank me for the nice things the Champion had written about him back then. Boy, did that make my day.

And then, thanks to Kerry Cisneroz’s Facebook network, I’ve found names of people from the deep past, such as the daughter of my first advertising manager back in the fifties. I also got an update on and a message from another high school writer for the Champion, back in the seventies.

Henry DeVries was outstanding, not only as a sports writer but as a member of the Chino High class of 1975. He was co-valedictorian of the class, student body president and editor of the school newspaper. I used to keep track of him through his mother, a dairy wife who was also a server (“waitress” back then) at the Los Serranos Country Club.

Always wondered what happened to Henry. Thanks to Kerry’s Facebook work I found out recently that he lives in La Jolla, has co-authored a current non-fiction self-help book for job-seeking professionals called “Defining You,” and heads a client marketing firm. Also, thanks to the open window of Facebook I learned that he checked into the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Sacramento on November 13 to lead a “summit” on Marketing with a Book and Speech. Watch your back, you social media fans.

Why shouldn’t I love Chino, for all those fond memories and the people who share them.


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