This fun and useful exercise comes from self-help guru Martha Beck. She suggests we each have an area in our living space that we really don’t like. It could be a junk drawer, a guest bedroom, or an overstuffed closet. Once you identify what that space is for, you ask it, “What’s your reason for being?”

For me, this was our children’s play kitchen. I asked what its reason for being is, and it replied, “I’m here for the children. To help them play and create magical things and remember they are magical themselves.”

“But…,” the art table and play kitchen continued, “there is no space for play, magic, and creativity here.”

And I realized this is a perfect mirror of my own life. I’ve become too cluttered to let the magic in. I’m so overbooked, overscheduled, and overextended that there is no room for anything else.

My office, like my kids’ play area, is also crammed with piles of paper, random receipts, and checks to be filed. I’ll be decluttering this space in the coming weeks, making room for the magic to come in.

I invite you to talk to your home. Find the space that you like the least and speak to it. As Martha suggests, write out how this space must feel (in the first person). And then ask it, “What is your reason for being?” And finally, “What lesson or wisdom do you have for me at this time?”


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