Sure, we didn’t see Kiki actually get killed on General Hospital, so unless we get some original flashbacks, we may never know what really went on. But, Hayley Erin does and now she wants to tell you — tongue in cheek of course.

All we know is that Kiki opened the door to Ryan and then was laying dead in Curtis and Jordan’s wedding night bed.

Well, Kiki’s funeral brought out her closest friends and family (well, not everyone, she didn’t get the fanfare Nathan did) and Epiphany was there to sing a moving song about the late med student.

When Hayley Erin saw a clip of Sonya Eddy’s character singing the song Live On, she took to Twitter to praise her co-star and tell us all where Kiki is now.

“She was reincarnated as a Golden Retriever and is living her best puppy life.”

If you’ve ever had a Golden Retriever like this writer does, you’ll know that’s quite an amazing life for Ava Jerome’s daughter. Happiness, love, sloppy kisses, and eating all the furniture and shoes. Now, what could be better for a dear, departed soap character?

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