The story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment.


‘Habanera’ by Bizet

‘Morning Mood’ by Edvard Grieg




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  1. iTz Olie
    iTz Olie says:

    Very clever and I love it, however I feel like it villainizes the pursuit of happiness. Of course all the methods used in this film, except psychiatric help, were all bad means. I'm mad that they didn't offer an alternative means to happiness. It's so easy to lie to ourselves and act like we're not suffering, but just pointing it out without offering good advice isn't going to help anyone.

  2. Ghost world
    Ghost world says:

    I wanna ask guys who agree with this video, then Would you like to go untidy small supermarket than tidy large company's shoping mall? People like to go large company's convenience but also grumbling that capitalism is wrong. Negative, Pathetic, Isn't it?

  3. Str8 Villains
    Str8 Villains says:

    Yea you should never work and not have hobbies that may or may not be expensive is it any of my business not really but if anything other than friends and family bring you happiness than your just another cog in the machine MMMMAAAANNNnnn. Takes hit of joint I’m the wokest person ever no one is woke like me. Bro also I should just get paid for just breathing and if I ever hurt my self on purpose or accident doctors should treat me for free.

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