I do not know many people that say they hate puppies or babies. Many people love seeing pictures or videos of them. Who could watch a video of a puppy trying to walk down steps or a baby laughing and not laugh and smile during it?

Whenever I am in a sad or gloomy mood, the things that put a smile on my face are videos of puppies and babies. I could just be scrolling through my Instagram or Twitter and see a video of a puppy trying to howl and instantly my mood is lifted. A video of a baby smiling after the mother kissing their forehead, that always makes me happy as well.

Some people are prefer cats over dogs but I bet even those people can not resist cracking a smile when seeing videos of puppies. I know a number of people that said they were cat fans until they got a dog and they turned out to become obsessed with their dog. Like everyone says, a dog is a mans best friend.

Mostly girls are the ones to die of happiness watching videos of babies. Since girls are the ones that carry the baby for nine months in the stomach, it affects them more than males. Lets just say that baby fever is real. Ask any college female. Most of us have it. I know for myself, I can not wait till I am stable enough to start a family.

My dog Buster Photo by Melanie Hart

I came to be obsessed with watching puppy videos because I always wanted a puppy. My family finally got a dog for the family when I was in elementary school. We had Buster for seven years until he passed away while I was in middle school. He was a French Bulldog so he was a tiny puppy. He was not a very active dog but I did get him to play hide-and-seek with me many times. Of course he always found me hiding because I only had four hiding spots but I got creative sometimes.

I think having an obsession with watching puppy and baby videos is a good kind of obsession. It does no harm to anyone and it makes people happy. It puts a smile on everyone’s face. I think it can cure anyone’s sadness.

My baby cousin June Adelaide and I. Photo by Melanie Hart

I became obsessed with watching videos of babies from seeing videos of them on my Twitter timeline. Random people I knew would like or retweet the video of the baby and that made me happy so I clicked on the profile and just started watching all of the videos. It also started with getting hooked into watching those Facebook videos and how they play one after the other.

Having just a puppy in a video or a baby in a video is enough to make someone smile, try showing people videos with both a puppy and a baby. My favorite would be the one with the puppy climbing into the swing with the baby sleeping in it and the puppy just starts cuddling with the baby. That melts my heart and brightens my day.

If you have social media, I bet you follow more than one account that shares pictures and videos of puppies and babies. There are endless accounts for them. They are just videos of pure innocence and it could really help when your having a bad day!



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