AUBURN, Ind. (ABC21) – A group of bikers hosted a roller skating event to help kids who say they have been bullied.

The United Motorcycle Enthusiasts hosted the get-together for students within the Fort Wayne Community School system who say they have been bullied. The event was held at the Skatin’ Station located in Auburn.

Leaders of the group said their mission was to help these children get their confidence and self-esteem back.

A few parents said they have contacted school officials about these problems. A parent told us she even filed a restraining order to protect her kid.

Another parent said she transferred her kids to different schools to help resolve the issue.

Other parents told us they can’t afford to transfer their kids and are still finding ways to get help.

A school official said the district takes these types of situations seriously and will act in accordance with school policy. She said if the school is notified, they will take action.

School officials did not confirm the names of the kids that are bullying.

A leader from the United Motorcycle Enthusiast said the next anti-bullying event will be on March 23rd.



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