Most often when we think of giving we think of doing something for someone else.  Certainly, that is an important part of giving.  What is sometimes lost is the realization that we must also give to ourselves.  After all, we cannot give what we do not have.  “Having” does not equate to material possessions only.  “Having” includes liking who we are, expressing the core of our thoughts, standing up for ourselves and others, and being fulfilled due to a sense of self and well-being.  For some of us, like ourselves can take a while, and quite a bit of life experience.


There are memories that stand out across our years.  Our favorite teachers.  Our first loves.  Our first pet.  Our lifelong friends and the fun we have had.   Listen (as you read the below) to this memory from a very good friend:


A memory I have is pretty profound for me.  I was 8 or 9 years old standing in line to enter the media center/library at my middle school.  It was my favorite time of day as we sat on the floor together and were read a story by the media lady, and got to do ‘show and tell’ with something brought from home.  I brought a toy snake.  It was soft and stuffed with beads and it coiled around my arm.  Waiting in line with anticipation of the day’s book and story, the impatient boy behind me shoved me, grabbed my snake and tore it.  The snake and the beads scattered across the floor.  I stood still, dumbfounded and hurt.  I loved my ‘pet’ snake. 


I looked up and the media lady was storming out the door toward me and the boy and I thought, “Good! She will take care of that kid!”  Yet, when she reached us, she took me by the shoulders and shook me, bent down to my eye level and she said, “Don’t you EVER let anyone push you around.”  Then, she promptly went back to checking out books.


That media lady was my mother.


The valuable lesson that day was to take a stand for yourself in understanding that you matter and it is not okay to be treated or to treat yourself any differently than the value you already are.  You became an asset as soon as you were conceived in this world.  Believe that.


Giving Genshai is holding yourself in your own excellence and claiming it as your right to do so.


Give Genshai…and start with you.


(P.S. – I might have punched that boy in the gut in the cafeteria at lunch the next day when he said something about my mom.  So…that would be taking Genshai to the other extreme, but…well…hmm….I will chalk it up to being age 9.  I’m not so sure a philosophical conversation would have worked with him.  Have to have a sense of humor in life, because it is going to happen.)



GIVING GENSHAI – The Badges of Giving Genshai


We can often be our own worst counsel.  Who hasn’t gotten into their headspace and gone down a rabbit hole of poor self-talk?  I suppose the question is, “How is that working for you?”  Making you feel any better?


A blessing in life is to have friends who will tell you the truth – some of which you do not want to hear, and some of which you must hear.  There is nothing better than a true friend throttling you when you say something bad about yourself – and reminding you that if you do not like ‘IT’, whatever ‘IT’ is, to do something about it.


Be good to yourself.  Stepping into your own excellence requires some conscious thought.  On the days that go haywire with no easy button to push, well, do the best you can.  Sleep on it.  Most of the time things look better in the morning.  “This too shall pass” as many good books quote.


Paranoia and judgment (from ourselves and from others) are saboteurs of our perception of self.  Others will talk about you.  This will especially happen when you step into your excellence.  When you are an outlier or a visionary or a savant or person described as ‘marching to the beat of his or her own drummer’, you will receive commentary and criticism.  From it, assess what is yours to own or change, because that will be so.  From it, assess what is to be left alone, aside or tossed away – because that will also be so.  Discernment is key.   It is most likely that awareness, consciousness and downright knowledge are the precursors or the foundation of discernment.


So, think, learn, do and feel – and not in a passive manner.  Be active in the participation of how you tune up and show up every single day.


This, Genshai Warriors, is giving to yourself.  You deserve all that is lovely and the reality is you will not have it every day, though it is within you to create it – even if for several moments, and then a few moments more….and then days…weeks.  Setbacks will happen. Get on with it and create more of the good moments.


Your aptitude and interest in addressing and overcoming real or perceived obstacles is a badge of the Genshai Warrior – which is received only when are Giving Genshai to yourself.  Wear your banner proudly.


Give Genshai.


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