A retired Fort Carson captain used his tough upbringing and personal success story to pen a best-selling self-help book that tells readers how to overcome life struggles.

Donny Hamilton says life in the Army and tenacity helped him rise from the slums of Los Angeles to become an entrepreneur whose startup security business now boasts a long client list.

“It is about eliminating fear,” said Hamilton who served 15 years in the Army, including a stint with the 10th Special Forces Group.

Hamilton’s life is laid out in “A Tiger’s Fury: How to Start Overcoming Your Fears Right Now,” available as an electronic book or in paperback at amazon.com.

Drugs and street gangs were part of Hamilton’s childhood. After high school, he found himself homeless and without the means to escape his past.

Getting free took a visit to an Army recruiter, he said.

“I feel my story is a more common story than it is not,” he said. “You really have to self-educate and look for mentors you have to explore how you you’ll be as a human being.”

Raised by a drug-addicted mother and tied into street gangs, Hamilton for the first time found himself in a world with goals and rules to match.

“It really filled in the gaps for me in becoming a man,” said Hamilton, who served as an enlisted military policeman.

Hamilton worked hard to meet the ideals of the Army. Through hard work, he stood out among his peers. Even a roadside bombing in Iraq didn’t slow Hamilton as he went to college and traded in his enlisted stripes for lieutenant’s bars.

The future seemed bright. Then Hamilton wound up in the fight of his life.

A minor misstep saw Hamilton facing court-martial over a $500 misunderstanding. The captain took money from discretionary funds to throw his soldiers a barbecue. The event was cancelled by rain, and Hamilton wound up accused of theft.

“It had been my first time ever and only time since enlisting when I found myself in trouble,” Hamilton said. I” had to find out he hard way what that system looked like.”

Offered a disciplinary discharge in lieu of trial, Hamilton chose to fight.

“I was told I was being a liar,” he said. “I had to redefine myself and look at what created these values for me.”

Hamilton won the battle and was medically retired for wounds he had suffered in the Iraq bombing rather than drummed out in dishonor.

After the Army, Hamilton worked to build his security firm. He started by working on the streets as a security guard.

“I learned the business from the ground up,” Hamilton said. “I wrote notes, educated myself and watched what these companies were doing.”

His company now does more than enough to support Hamilton, his wife and their five kids.

“We have been super-blessed,” he said.

The 132-page book, Hamilton said, will help anyone walk through life’s struggles. It teaches the simple lessons he learned while escaping his past. “You need to make yourself uncomfortable at times to be successful,” he said.

Contact Tom Roeder: 636-0240 Twitter: @xroederx

Contact Tom Roeder: 636-0240

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