This weekend officially marks the start of the festive season. It is that time of the year when families unite with those who work and live far; this often demands lots of travelling – mainly on the road – on the part of those who want to spend their break with their loved ones.

It is also the season of love, judging by the many weddings that happen at this time of the year.

Whatever goes on during this time of festivity contains an element of happiness. But we often spoil the happiness because of the way we behave.

We allow the joy to go to our heads and do silly things we later regret. For example, we get into our vehicles to embark on that long trip, taking bottles of alcohol.

So, the intent is there to drink while driving. In such instances, we place not only our own lives in danger, but those of other road users too.

It is a danger which we should avoid. We know the high death toll from driving under the influence that occurs on our roads daily.

Once the fortunate among us arrive, alive and well, at our destinations and unite with our loved ones, we binge on alcohol at taverns and parties. We go to these venues armed with knives and guns.

At the smallest provocation – such as a fellow party-goer or drinker stepping on our toe – we are quick to draw our weapons and attack.

If weapons are not available, we use the very bottles we drink from as weapons.

These fights end in serious injuries – or worse, death. Such incidents confirm what the statistics tell us every year: we kill each other when we are having fun.

This time around, as we enjoy the end of 2018, every South African should declare that they will have lots of fun, minus the associated bad behaviour.

And while doing so, let us not forget to give to those less fortunate than us, who cannot afford to enjoy seven colours on their plates.

In the spirit of ubuntu, let us feed the hungry and give to the needy so all can make merry.


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