Earth (Grounding) – Brings us stability through practical advice, acceptance, and reliability.  They escort us through life’s changes.

We know that there is an affinity for putting your feet on the ground – bare feet, boots or flip flops.  The earth, be it sand or mountain or forest, is a nature that holds us steadfast.  Aspire to what you most enjoy.  What gets you centered?  That’s nature.

The other part of nature is who natures you.  When do you pick up the phone for a kind voice, word, idea or a correction in thinking?  We all do.  So do it.  People needed to be needed and when you need someone, act on it.  You will do the same. With comfort and compassion.  

Earth Represents: Feminine, Vitality, Nourishment, Fertility, Infinite Creativity, Longevity, Grounding, Roots, Foundation, Instinct, and HOME.

Being truly connected to the Earth brings your stability. It grounds you through life’s changes. 

Do you feel grounded and rooted enough to feel your core values and principles are unshaken with the outside influences? If you could plant a seed of desire right now and know it is to come to fruition in the deep dark soil of humanity what would it be?


Earth Coaching Program

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