The Ionia Sentinel.



Diphtheria is getting in its deadly work in Portland….Greenville Call: Miss Broas, a sister of Mrs. H. Hill of this city, who was attending school in Detroit, died of diphtheria on Friday morning. Her remains were hermetically sealed and taken to Belding for interment.

It is as foolish to hire a cheap school teacher as it is to have a delicate gold watch in the hands of a blacksmith’s assistant to mend.

An exchange compares women with an accordion, and says you can draw her out but she makes music when you attempt to shut her up.

A newspaper man is expected to be everywhere, and see everything, and catch each item afloat, simply because it is his profession. But he can’t do it. His friends can help him through by sending or bringing such items of interest. Incidents of an acceptable nature are always happily received. All manner of legitimate news goes to make up a newspaper, and will be received with thanks.

Ionia county boasts of a boy only nineteen years old who rises to a height of six feet and eleven inches.

In the Myron Collins case at Portland Thursday, the prisoner was discharged by order of Prosecuting Attorney Ellis, on the ground that, after a thorough examination, he could find no cause against him.

Give your girls a thorough education. Teach them to wash, to iron and darn stockings; to sew on buttons and make bread. Teach them that a well-managed kitchen lessens the doctor’s account. Teach them that he only can lay up money whose expenses are less than his income, and that all grow poor who have to spend more money than they receive. Teach them that a calico dress paid for fits better than a silk one not paid for. Teach them that a full healthy face displays a greater luster than fifty cosmetic beauties. Teach them that an honest farmer or mechanic in his working dress is a better object of esteem than a dozen haughty, finely dressed idlers.

Teach them that the happiness of matrimony depends neither on external appearances nor on wealth, but on man’s character. Teach them that good common sense, self-help and industry brings success.

John B. Holmes, a former resident of this city, was killed while coupling cars in the Michigan Central yard, Detroit, Sunday night. His legs and one arm were crushed to a pulp.

Tuesday Harry Pierce, a youth of 18, was trying to couple some freight cars at the D., G. H. & M. depot, when his hand was caught between the bumpers and two fingers and a thumb smashed so badly that amputation was rendered necessary. He was not employed by the company, but was coupling the cars “just for fun.”


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