Celebrations during the holiday season are happening all over. More cars on the road could mean a rise in DUI’s.

“I think a lot of DUI’s happen because, not only do people not want to call a cab, but they think they’re ok to drive,” Lawyer Meghan Sutton said.

But what if we told you a three minute test could be the difference between you deciding to get behind the wheel?

“I don’t trust these at all,” Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards said.

These, are one-time self breathalyzer tests from ALCO Prevention Canada.

“It’s a single use test, it takes 3 minutes to do. It’s not something that you use to go against police or against the court,” ALCO General Manager Stephane Mauraias said. “It’s a tool like a speedometer that will help you to make a better decision.”

We experimented with two locals to find out if they really worked. And they indicated the two had been drinking. But would they rely on it to get home? No, because it comes down to decision making.

“I limit myself every night. One or two beers and I’m good to go,” Tyler Gunderson said. “Responsibility, I’ve got a lot to lose.”

We also wondered if they would hold up in a court of law.

“Absolutely not. This is 99 percent accurate? A pregnancy test is 99.9 percent accurate, and you can still come in and tell me you’re pregnant,” Sutton said. “The results are obviously what the results are.”

Whether you decide to use a do it yourself breathalyzer, or not, is up to you. Could it make a difference in your decision making? Maybe, but if you’re heading out for the New Year, the same advice most have heard, still rings true.

“Don’t take a chance. There are too many programs out there to help you get home safe,” Edwards said. “Go there and fun, but be responsible when you do it.”


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