After World War II, advertisements were used to increase consumption of goods. There was a fear that the economy would stop growing once people no longer had anything else they needed to buy. These advertisements along with the production of cheap, plastic products have lead us to the consumerist society we live in today.

Companies keep targeting society with advertisements that consuming more will increase their happiness. This is a false sense of happiness and does not reach a level of satisfaction. So people continue to buy more and more to reach that level of satisfactory happiness.

Consumerism has led to an overuse of resources, an excess of carbon emissions, and billions of tons of plastic waste. It is hurting the environment and the pollution is hurting people.

Capitalism measures prosperity according to the GDP. This does not account for the increasing lower class, the environmental issues due to consumerism and the lack genuine happiness. A capitalistic society does not care about what is best for the majority of people or what will sustain our earth for future generations.

This is why it is important to vote for environmental policy. Environmental policies can implement regulations on the top companies that are driving consumerism that reduce their production. With the reduced productions comes less resources used, less carbon emitted, less plastic waste and less consumption by society. People can find genuine happiness without the pressure of consumerism and there is more focus on sustaining the planet.


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