DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – For years one Middle Tennessee neighborhood turned to a nearby house’s display to get in the spirit. This year, when the display didn’t go up,  community members stepped up to help. 

“It just got bigger every year, and before you knew it, he had decorations all the way out to the road.” 

Neal Benson said his dad’s holiday display on Holt Road in southern Davidson County started 20 years ago. 

“As this neighborhood grew, people were bringing their kids and their grandkids and would stop and say, ‘Hey can we walk through the display?’ “

A stroke and some other health problems kept his dad, Buford Benson, from putting up the display this year. 

“So we all just decided to come together and bring Christmas to him,” said Lisa Nilsen, who helped plan the surprise for Buford Benson.

Most of the planning was done on social media and on Sunday, people from across Middle Tennessee showed up to the elder Benson’s yard and sang Christmas carols. 

“My dad was truly blessed tonight and he was filled emotion. He was filled with happiness and joy watching kids sing Christmas carols,” said Neal Benson. 

He added that his dad especially loves carols that talk about faith. 

“He loves the Lord and he has served the Lord faithfully, and he will get a reward nothing like what he was rewarded with tonight, when he goes to heaven.” 


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