James Arthur Ray

Money can’t buy happiness. There’s little doubt that you’ve heard this before – and then possibly scoffed at the concept. Having a lot of money can make life more comfortable, but there’s a point when even the wealthy wish the concerns on their plate would vanish. In fact, more often than not, more money means more and bigger challenges which often lead to less happiness and fulfillment. Many concerns stem from financial success, but what does “success” really mean? Isn’t it more than just finances alone? That’s the question Ray wants true leaders to ask themselves and now, as we enter the infancy of 2019, is the time to take stock of best business and life practices.

Personal satisfaction trumps runaway monetary gain, and Toys “R” Us is a shining example of an international brand doubling down on something they believe in during times of dire need. Rather than auction off their intellectual property, the toy chain’s leadership opted to rebrand and remain in control. This move came in the wake of bankruptcy filings and real estate liquidations and it shows a level of commitment to a worthwhile cause.

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Find your unique gifts, align them with your Powerful Transforming Purpose; and then go all in.

Most business owners hopefully won’t have worries on the scale that Toys “R” Us had to contend with, but that doesn’t mean they can shift into cruise control for 2019. Below are three tips that can help these enterprising individuals make personal, financial and even spiritual gains this year that could help reveal their true gifts and purpose.

  • A clear sense of purpose: It’s tough to spend Monday through Friday going to a job you dislike, chained by a paycheck. Imagine instead being the person who runs the show (even if you technically don’t). The sooner you realize your true reason for being, you’ll have a renewed sense of purpose that is the driving force for true success and fulfillment. According to 2018 stats published in USA Today, just under half of 1,500 people surveyed by The Conference Board said they were unhappy with their job. Don’t be a statistic. Life’s too short.
  • Give more than expected: Fully committing yourself to a company goal or project unleashes a drive not readily found in other circumstances. The prerequisite is establishing that sense of purpose, which then spurs the drive to work harder and provide more value. Making sacrifices for your purpose and calling leads to discovery of a new level of personal leadership and commitment to a cause bigger than your own selfish needs. Your life is a gift, and service is the rent you pay for the privilege of life.
  • Looking to the Future: Media reports indicate that employment and wages are on the rise in 2019, with The Washington Post reporting that 2.6 million jobs were added to the U.S. economy in 2018. With this wind in your sails, realize that it’s a good time to be a productive member of the working world. Clearly define and hit your current goals; make them big and bold; always give more than expected; and bigger things can be on your horizon.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.9 percent of all U.S. firms are “small.” This means having fewer than 500 employees so whether you’re in charge of 49 workers or nine, these are the people turning to you for insight and inspiration. Those who improve their perspective, find their purpose, and go all in to provide value are the ones who’ll see more success in 2019 and beyond. History proves that disruptive times provide the greatest opportunities for those willing to seize it.


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