BISMARCK, N.D. – During last years GameChanger’s Idea Festival, one Bismarck woman, inspired to continue the theme, brought her idea to the annual BookTalk at Bismarck State College.

The group has been meeting and discussing different books for two decades, they’re now focusing on the new theme of what it means to be happy.

This afternoon’s topic was “will someone really be happy if they are in complete isolation in the woods.”

Marlene Anderson is the Director of Library Services at Bismarck State. She says these kinds of talks are important considering everything that is happening in the world.

“Think about it, and think about what is it that makes you happy because it isn’t the same for every person,” said Anderson.

The last meeting of the year will take place on March 3. Discussions are free and open to all. You can learn more on the Bismarck State College website.


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