Christmas, what could be better than Christmas. There is nothing better than Christmas you might say.

Well, why would you say that? I have heard people say it is because family and friends get together, more love is shown to each other, we get a gift, we give a gift, the kids are shown lots of attention. Delicious foods are enjoyed and because of these things there seems to be a spirit of happiness and joy. The Christmas spirit.

So, what could be better than that? Christmas lasts only one day and wouldn’t it be better to do these same things every day or at least more often throughout the year? That would be better, wouldn’t it?

In fact that is exactly what Jesus taught us how to be every day, not just one day. In fact, Jesus did not teach us to celebrate his birthday at all. So why do people do it?

The early Christians did not celebrate it at all. The Jews as a people did not celebrate birthdays. It was considered a pagan practice associated with astrology which God condemned. The old saying “What is your sign” is based on the day you were born.

The Roman festival of the rebirth of the sun was converted or switched to being the birth of Christ by the pagans/apostates, about 300 years after Christ died. That is why all the customs associated with Christmas are of pagan origin not in the Bible. In fact, we don’t even know what day he was born which ought to tell us something.

The really great thing is we can still get that same spirit of peace, joy and happiness that people love so much at this time of the year. We can celebrate every day of the year that Jesus was born by showing love and kindness every day as Jesus and God themselves do. This is what will make Jesus happy.

Lastly, the thing that will definitely be better than Christmas is that we are living in the last days of this terrible world of disobedience. Soon in our generation it will be replaced by God’s kingdom rule. No more hate and craziness. No more sickness, pain or death. Earth will be a paradise as God originally intended. God himself has said it in Rev. 21:3-5.

Yes indeed, that will be much better than Christmas? That is what Jesus died for.


Richard Kemble,



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