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Lifestyle Budget for Monday, January 21, 2019

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^Over $800K raised to get British boy cancer treatment at CHOP: ‘This is our only hope'<

^CANCER-4YROLD-BOY-CHOP:PHI—<Zac Oliver is only 4 years old, but the British tyke has a worldwide following that is cheering his return to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the final, most dangerous part of the T-cell therapy designed to save him from a ferocious form of leukemia.

Those supporters — ranging from school kids to celebrities — have so far donated more than $840,000 (650,000 British pounds) to a crowdfund created by Zac’s parents to cover his treatment and care. Contributions have poured in from Zac’s little hometown of Broseley, England, Thailand, Russia and many points in between.

800 by Marie Mccullough. MOVED


^Pricey prescription drugs may have cheaper, generic versions overseas<

^HLTH-PRESCRIPTIONS-CHEAPER:PHI—<Prescription drugs are notoriously more expensive in the United States than other high-income countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Less known is that in many cases, Americans are paying top dollar for a brand-name medication for which a generic exists — just not here.

1300 by Sarah Gantz. MOVED


^Radio host shares his mental health issues in Facebook post: ‘Fear isn’t strong enough'<

RADIOHOST-MENTALHEALTH:TB — Sharing a vulnerability uncommon among sports radio hosts, WSCR-AM 670’s Dan McNeil laid himself bare in a post-midnight Facebook post Friday.

McNeil, 57, apparently was triggered by a text from a listener who informed him he had been selected in the listener’s so-called dead pool in which the deaths of those chosen score points weighted toward the decedent’s relative youth.

600 by Phil Rosenthal in Chicago. (This story MOVED Friday, Jan. 18)



^ Philly’s rock climbers of color gain a foothold at this meetup group<

^HBY-ROCK-CLIMBERS-OF-COLOR:PHI—<Chyncia Smith hadn’t touched a rock climbing wall since high school, but here she was, strapped into a harness and dangling 20 feet above the ground at Philadelphia Rock Gym in Wyncote, Pa.

Smith was doing her best to hang on to two particularly slippery handholds as she scaled a tricky spot — made trickier by the fact that some of the footholds were no bigger than wads of chewing gum.

550 by Bethany Ao. MOVED


^Surprised by letters from his elementary school, Army officer responds with his own surprise<

^EDU-KIDS-SURPRISE-SOLDIER:FR—<U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Austin Bailey didn’t expect to open a holiday care package from Blue Star Moms and see something from his hometown: letters written by second-graders at Dry Creek Elementary School in Clovis, Calif., where he was once a student.

It was a heartening surprise for the Bullard High School graduate, who is stationed in the state of Georgia more than 2,000 miles from home.

350 by Carmen George. MOVED


^What is the planetary diet? New diet could save Earth, save lives and aid world hunger, study says<

^HEALTH-PLANETARY-DIET:AT—<Our current food production and consumption habits are doomed to “exacerbate risks to people and planet,” according to a landmark study published in The Lancet recently. But if we make a radical change — as in, cut our sugar and red meat by half and double our vegetable, fruit and nut consumption — we could potentially prevent up to 11.6 million avoidable deaths per year without hurting our home.

The new research comes from a group of 37 scientists from around the globe, all of whom are part of the EAT-Lancet commission.

950 by Fiza Pirani. MOVED



^Social Security: Benefits to increase in 2019<


350 by Nicole Tiggemann. MOVED


^ Balancing Act: Stop blaming Kirsten Gillibrand for Al Franken’s resignation<


750 by Heidi Stevens. MOVED


^ <



by Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen.

(Not moving this week.)


^ Celia Rivenbark: Trump’s math never adds up<


550 by Celia Rivenbark. MOVED

^Jerry Zezima: The Grandkid Olympics in Poppie’s Gym<


600 by Jerry Zezima. MOVED


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