By Brian Henry

Producer, motivational speaker, and bestselling author DeVon Franklin thinks the vast majority of men have a lust problem ー but not in the traditional sense of the word.

In his view, lust refers to a broader “selfish impulse for a personal, professional, financial, sometimes sexual gain by any means necessary,” Franklin told Cheddar.

In order to help men curb those impulses, Franklin has authored a new book, “The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know,” a self help-style guide to self-control.

“I want men to be challenged and inspired that we can stay up, we can get control of this struggle,” he said. “We can be the men we were created to be. But we have to put ourselves in a process of rigorous discipline and learning how to love, which most men don’t know how to do. “

He ‘s dubbed that lust man’s inner “dog,” which is in dire need of proper training, or “mastering. “

“When we learn to master the dog, put love in control of lust, we can become the men we were created to be.”

But the book isn’t just for men.

“The reality is that most women are dealing with something that they don’t understand, which is us. I want to try and change that by giving women information and challenging men to step forward,” Franklin said.

Franklin hopes women will come to realize that men often lack the tools to articulate their emotional needs.

“I hope women take away from this, that there is more to the story than they understand. If they have a man in their life, that man is probably struggling more than he has ever communicated and he actually does need her.”

“The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know” hits shelves Feb. 5th.

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