With the busy nature of day-to-day life, it can be hard to take a moment to relax and unwind. For those looking for a little help with the process, the Calm application might be a place to look.

I had been seeing advertisements for the app for some time, and was interested to learn that my mother had been using it since August of last year. So I spoke with her briefly about it to see if it was something I would be interested in.

As the name might suggest, the application offers a variety of ways to help the user find some measure of calm. This can be in the form of ambience for sleeping, guided meditation or simply some relaxing music.

My mom showed me that she had recently been using something called “7 Days of Calm,” where each day offered a different guided meditation session that focused on different themes. Some of those themes were things like self-esteem or mindfulness meditation, and Mom said the application also keeps track of how many times you use it; she was on a five-day streak, with 14 being her longest.

She also said it was a nice way for her to start the day as well as wrap it up. She showed me there are things called “master classes” which feature experts on a variety of topics from anxiety to gratitude.

There are also a variety of sound options for people who need some audio stimulus while sleeping. This is a variety of things ranging from sounds like waterfalls, thunderstorms or crackling fireplaces to ambient music featuring flavors from all over the world.

Something I found interesting was a feature called “sleep stories,” which are well-known voices reading what could be considered the equivalent bedtime stories for adults. Ultimately, the app seems like something that could be of use in my own continued quest for self-improvement.

The app is available on Android and Apple devices and does require a premium account. But there is a free trial, so if you have been having trouble sleeping or have been wanting to take a look at the benefits of meditation, perhaps this application will be a good opportunity. 


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