We all know that person who “does it all.” They give of themselves day after day, at work, at home, and everywhere in between. No matter the challenge, they step up, eager to create change and take care of the people around them.

Have someone in mind? Here are ten soothing gifts that will help even the busiest person slow down. Each gift was chosen with self-care in mind — it’s all comfort, luxury and relaxation from here on out!

1) Organic Cotton Robe

Made from 100% certified organic cotton with an airy waffle weave, this lovely spa robe gets softer with every wash. The styling is unisex, with a streamlined fit that will suit any wearer.

2) A Set of Linen Pillowcases

Soft, breathable, always the perfect temperature…there’s a reason Belgian flax linen is so well-loved! These beautiful West Elm pillowcases will help anyone get a good night’s sleep. Made in a Fair Trade Certified facility.

3) Body Polish

Exfoliating can be a truly rejuvenating ritual. This particular scrub  improves skin tone, promotes healthy circulation, and invigorates the skin with moisture, thanks to its combination of Pacific sea salt, lemon peel and plant oils.

4) A Home-Cooked Meal (From You!)

Sometimes there’s nothing sweeter than a home-cooked meal. Imagine what a relief it would be to have someone else make you dinner, just when you’re at your busiest?

5) An Heirloom-Worthy Pen

Made in Germany by Kaweco, this refillable blue ink ballpoint was made for long journaling sessions in the park. Plus, it’s so beautiful, we can pretty much guarantee it’ll stay in the family for years to come.

6) Copper Kettle

We all need quiet moments with a cup of tea. Made in Japan, this kettle  has a wooden handle and classic yet updated silhouette, making it a standout piece in any home.

7) Bubble Bath

Not to be cliche, but is there anything more soothing than a hot bubble bath? After an hour or so reading a good book in the tub, all those worries will slip right down the drain.


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