With the New Year holiday rapidly approaching, most of us are trying to come up with resolutions. High on a lot of people’s lists are self improvement resolutions and often one about appearances. Making your list of resolutions isn’t enough, however, you need to put them into action. Here are a few tips that will improve your overall appearance and outlook.

Weight Loss for Your Lifestyle

New year, new you. Start the year fresh by focusing on you and your goals. Then you choose a program or go at it alone, look for weight loss success stories to understand the plan and if it could work for you. These are also a great source of inspiration to help keep you motivated when making a new habit. The key to making this year’s weight loss resolution stick? Skip the fad diets and instead make healthy lifestyle changes.

Drink More Water

You also need to remember that drinking a lot of water is important. Our physical makeup is 80% water and when your brain doesn’t get the hydration it needs, it can begin to slow down and not be as efficient. Water is just as important as the food you ingest for weight loss as it has no calories.

Cut Back on Alcohol & Say No to Hangovers

When it comes to weight loss, it is also important to keep in mind that drinking alcohol doesn’t help. It’s full of sugar and empty calories which can lead to weight gain. Aside from that, you can feel horrible in the morning after over-imbibing. If you want to feel better the morning after, there’s a few hangover prevention tactics. A few hangover prevention supplements opt for more natural ingredients such as B1, willow bark, and DHM. It may sound obscure but a quick search on what is DHM will explain everything. In fact, it might surprise you to find out that this natural remedy can go a long way toward making you feel better after having one too many drinks the night before.

Get Your Body Moving

Moving doesn’t necessarily mean to go out and do a million squats right now. It is simply about adding more activity than normal. This might just be something as simple as going outside with your spouse, children, or a friend and walking around your neighborhood for a bit. At first, you may notice a bit of soreness as you work muscles that you’re not used to using. Soak in an epsom salt bath or even try some CBD or hemp oil to ease the pain.

Treat Yourself

You work hard all the time and one way that you can make yourself feel better is to buy something nice for yourself. You can find jewelry that Is both luxurious and affordable at many places online. Maybe you choose to splurge a bit and buy that new Coach crossbody bag you have had your eye on. As much work as you put in trying to make your home running well and supporting yourself, spouse, and kids, you deserve something nice. Affordable accessories are little things that you might invest in to make you feel better.

Change up your Hairstyle

One immediate way to see a change is to opt for a new hairstyle. Cuts that are shorter tend to add a bit of volume and can work wonders when it comes to your self-esteem. For longer hair, consider adding layers or highlights. Perms are back in style and adding a pop of color, even if it’s a single strand can make the difference that you’re looking for.

It doesn’t take much to make you feel and look better. Just small changes here and there might surprise you at how effective they can be.


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