Genshai Elements Overview

All of us have characteristics and behaviors that define us to ourselves and to others.  Keeping a vision of positivity, growth, and longevity is crucial for us to maintain a healthy and thriving business, career and life.

This sacred word draws upon our ability to step into our own excellence, showing our true greatness and utilizing these traits for the betterment of our lives and the betterment of humanity as a whole.  Within the principles and teachings of Genshai lies the knowledge of five elements.

Who are the people in your life who represent this for you? Depending on situations, personal relationships and our ingrained behaviors, we have the ability to be each of these elements.

Fire (Ignite) – Challenges you to be passionate about how you show up in the world and serve as a light within it.  They kindle our possibilities.

In business we can be opened up or shut down.  The nature of leadership lies within you.  Your perspective and perception management equate to your emotional intelligence.  Think and be discerning.  Know that how you treat others will be reciprocated.  This includes your loved ones and family.

The wisdom of knowing how kindness comes back will serve you.  It may be in feeling good, a promotion, a paycheck, a child’s hug, an acknowledgment that you helped with a listening ear or a good chat.

Light a fire within your spirit.  It will ignite greatness for you, and for others.

Water (Flowing) – Connects you to the ebb and flow of the experiences of your heart.  They help us relate to others and exemplify compassion.

There is a saying that we often swim upstream.  That is effort and also experience.  It can be difficult and then you realize what you are intended to learn. Whether life seems like a waterfall with pressure, beauty and even a jump off a ledge – or if it is a reflection in a serene lake – heed the signs.  Pay attention to all that reflects.

As we know in work and life, people behave differently and act as such.  Yet, to take a moment to ask about and realize a person’s backstory is what allows us to not judge, but gives us the presence to let the current of being in the world happen with understanding and love.

The waves of life are continuous.  The tide rises two times a day.  You get to renew.  That is a gift, just as you are.  When you float with tranquility, you are led in the right direction.

Wind (Freedom) – Liberates thoughts and ideas and gives them flight.  They lift us and breathe into our dreams.

Watch the wind in a flag.  Observe it in a flying seagull, and eagle or finch and sparrow.  They float.  We are all different creeds and colors.  Spread your wings.  Look to the sky. Pay attention to a tree’s leaves flowing. Let the breeze restore.  Feel that wind on your face and the refreshing of your mind.  Enjoy freedom that you can create within.

Aspire to breathing life into others.  This includes yourself.  Ask this:  What is the essence of what I breathe in and breathe out.  That is how you consciously choose to show up in the world and for people.  It is your essence or some would say your fragrance.  When your energy is in the air you breathe, and all that you give you are inhaling and exhaling all of God’s creation.

What do you exhale?  If you are conscious of how that impacts are devine.

Spirit (Grace)Elevates our awareness of the nature and goodness of humanity.  They bring out the divine in our souls.

Sit for a minute.  Breathe for a few minutes.  If in doubt, look up. Grace finds you.  You do not fall from grace.  She is there and will always be.  Of course there are obstacles in life, family and work, and you have the ability to navigate all.  It is a choice.  Decisions.  Forgiveness.  Love.

It is a strength to seek guidance.  It is a validation to say “I don’t know what to do.  Will you help?”  It is a pleasure when you learn from being vulnerable because then you are that gift to others.

Spirit is splendid from above, and when worn on your sleeve as the authenticity of who you are.  Smile into your spirit and your grace.  People you have known for years or people you meet in a grocery line, that spirit is noticed.  Step on happy.  You impacted a life because you are who you are.

Earth (Grounding) – Brings us stability through practical advice, acceptance, and reliability.  They escort us through life’s changes.

We know that there is an affinity for putting your feet on the ground – bare feet, boots or flip flops.  The earth, be it sand or mountain or forest, is a nature that holds us steadfast.  Aspire to what you most enjoy.  What gets you centered?  That’s nature.

The other part of nature is who natures you.  When do you pick up the phone for a kind voice, word, idea or a correction in thinking?  We all do.  So do it.  People needed to be needed and when you need someone, act on it.  You will do the same. With comfort and compassion.

Get grounded.  Know when you need to and admit it.  We are here together and better for it.  That is living Genshai.