Genshai is an ancient Hindi word meaning "never to treat others, or yourself, in a way to make them feel small", or in other words, holding all people in their excellence, including yourself. Yet, the word and meaning encompasses so much more!

Living Genshai!

Genshai involves the human family, it requires interaction in order to lift people up to their highest self. The foundation of Genshai is love of others and yourself. It is reaching out to those who may feel small and giving them a path to discover their best self. This could be as simple as showering those around you with compliments, holding a door open for someone, bending down and looking a homeless person in the eye as you give your money - or living Genshai could be as involved as taking that homeless man on a journey to find the greatness that lies inside him or her. Just as you can't give a hug without receiving one in return, you can't Live Genshai without discovering the greatness within you!

The Genshai Odyssey

We began Genshai as a community of people looking to better the world that we live in. To focus outside of the bad that seems to consume the world, and to bring out the good. We are spearheading this journey by creating documentaries showing how it is happening all over the world. We are creating articles and offering challenges to our community to developing the habit of Living Genshai in their own lives, and sharing the good that you have done and have found in the world with the rest of our community.

The Genshai community will set a standard of good throughout the world. In the Genshai community there are no religious, racial, class, educational, or monetary boundaries - the great people of this world are found in every corner, in every home, and in every nation - and we invite you all to share with us in the Genshaiexperience.


Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand. - Confucius

Your Genshai Challenge
Your challenge is to think of ways to begin Living Genshai NOW. From small acts to big acts, write down all the ways that you can uplift others and take a journey with them to discover their greatness. Look to the site for ideas and inspiration. Record what you do, on paper or on video, then come back and let your experience feed into the community and beyond. Your challenge is to make Genshai a part of your way of life.



Genshai would like to thank our community member and author Kevin Hall for introducing us to the word 'Genshai' in his book Aspire. You may learn more at Kevin's site on the power of words.

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