In Coronado, you may remember Rod revealing the term "miserably content" to the theater when it was his turn to stand up and introduce himself.  I adopted the term immediately as my own way to describe a particular place I was in my professional life.  Miserable but content.  

Just two weeks later, after using the term frequently to describe my situation yet gaining confidence in making a change in my life--I dropped the word "content" and just reverted to "miserable."  Which spawned action--and actions toward "finding my voice" in doing what my heart tells me I should do.

And then last week--a door was opened for me, and I'm leaving my current professional role--making a welcome transition--and have left the word "miserable" far behind.  I feel elation.

Not miserable.  Not content.  But rather an appetite for change, for discovery, and for using my gifts to create a better environment for myself and those around me.  Namaste.'

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